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Progresiv TM

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Progresiv TM

Progresiv TM has been played on NTS shows including Paradise Bangkok , with Omul E Valul first played on 17 October 2017.

Progresiv TM is a Romanian band, founded in 1972 in the town of Timişoara. The first name of the band has been "Clasic XX"; "Progresiv TM" has been adopted only in April 1973. At first they achieved local notoriety, they recorded an LP (1973 - 'Dreptul de a visa'), and two years later, in 1975, they became well known throughout Romania. The initial line-up was: Harry Coradini (vocals); Ladislau Herdina (guitar, voice); Ilie Stepan (bass); Hely Moszbrucker (drums, percussion); Mihai Farcaş (drums, piano,…

Omul E Valul
Progresiv TM
Rock In Beat Records2002
Omul E Valul
Progresiv TMRock In Beat Records2002