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Bastard Priest

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Bastard Priest

Bastard Priest has been played on NTS in shows including A Fist in the Face of God presents: Midnite Madness, featured first on 17 October 2017. Songs played include Total Mutilation.

Bastard Priest is a Death Metal band from Umeå / Stockholm, Sweden. In December 2008 learned with bands like KATALYSATOR, GRAVELESS, BOMBS OF HADES, ENVENOMED, MIASMAL, DEGIAL, TRIBULATION, EVISCERATED and MORBUS CHRON that the dusty Swedeath from Stockholm was heading for a second coming. Actually, oldschool Death Metal in general was on a comeback, hell yeah! Among these bands was one called BASTARD PRIEST, consisting of Inventor (guitars, bass and vocals) and Matt Mendoza…

Total Mutilation
Bastard Priest
Blood Harvest2010
Total Mutilation
Bastard PriestBlood Harvest2010