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TGB has been played on NTS in shows including Altered Soul Experiment w/ Amila, featured first on 19 October 2017. Songs played include Do The Right Thing.

TubaGuitarra&Bateria Carolino/Delgado/Frazao (2004)

By Derek Taylor

Western improvised music has long prized the possibilities that arise out of conjoining potentially dissimilar elements. Strange-seeming instrumental unions have now almost become the norm. Oboe, harp and drums. Sopranino, mandolin and contrabass. Odds are if you can conjure up a particular assemblage of instruments in your mind's eye, precedence exists for improvisors putting it into practice. TGB is a felicitous case in point, the acronym representing the three principle constituents of their sound eponymous…

Do The Right Thing
TGB (Bruce Clarke, Guy Ruvolo mix)
Nicole Records1986
Do The Right Thing
TGB (Bruce Clarke, Guy Ruvolo mix)Nicole Records1986