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Rocket Robert

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Rocket Robert

Rocket Robert was first played on NTS on 31 October 2017. Songs played include Living In This Station [Bonus].

Unclassifiable outsider synth-damage not unlike Bite-era Bruce Haack and Damon Edge of Chrome collaborating, or weirdo proto-new wavers like Ghostwriters, Pulsar, Todd Tamanend Clark, or a non-operatic Klaus Nomi. Better yet, imagine a Grandmaster Flash-obsessed Kluster retreating into a stoney basement with Richard Pinhas—if that makes no sense, you're on the right path.

The name Rocket Robert was created prior to a record release in 1982 when a friend suggested Rocket's music concept was out there in the stratosphere with innovative sound effects and analog synthesizer sounds.

Living In This Station [Bonus]
Rocket Robert
Got Kinda Lost Records2015
Living In This Station [Bonus]
Rocket RobertGot Kinda Lost Records2015