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Ego On The Rocks

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Ego On The Rocks

Ego On The Rocks has been played on NTS shows including Neue Tanz w/ Jules, with Mystik † 1 † 9 † 8 † 0 first played on 1 November 2017.

Early ELOY members Jurgen Rosenthal (also ex-SCORPIONS) and Detlev Schmidtchen combined talents in 1979 in what I consider simply to be an amazing album all the way through. Rosenthal & Schmidtchen broke ways with Frank Bornemann and ELOY after recording "Silent Cries & Mighty Echoes" and immediately began writing and recording what they considered more "creative" and "progressive" music. "Acid In Wounderland" is full of great space atmospheres combined with loads of loop and…

Mystik † 1 † 9 † 8 † 0
Ego On The Rocks
Jupiter Records1981
Mystik † 1 † 9 † 8 † 0
Ego On The RocksJupiter Records1981