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Trance Dance

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Trance Dance

Trance Dance has been played on NTS shows including Not Waving, with Do The Dance first played on 2 November 2017.

Trance Dance is a New Wave band that originated in Stockholm Sweden in 1986 and consists of band members: Ben Marlene (Lead Vocals), Pelle "Pop" Hökengren (Guitar), P.J. Widestrand (Keyboards), John Stark (Bass), Sören Johanssen (Drums), and Susanne and Yvonne Holmström (Vocals). They released three studio albums - A-Ho-Ho (CBS, 1986), Dancing in the Shadows (CBS, 1988), and Twang (1990) - and the remix album Off the record (1988). After the second studio album, which was highly successful in the native Sweden, all but the three…

Do The Dance
Trance Dance
Do The Dance
Trance DanceCBS1986