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Hartmut Geerken

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Hartmut Geerken

Hartmut Geerken has been played on NTS shows including Total Stasis, with For Tesla Without Fessla first played on 6 November 2017.

Hartmut Geerken is a pianist, percussionist, author; b. Stuttgart, Germany, 15 January 1939. He started piano lessons in classical music from about age 8 and had his first solo piano recital in the age of 14 with works by Bela Bartok. Then jazz became more interesting to him and he went through a period of boogie-woogie playing. In 1967 he co-founded the Cairo Jazz Band with Salah Ragab and Edvard Vizvari and was the leader of the Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble. Later he performed…

For Tesla Without Fessla
Hartmut Geerken, John Tchicai
Holidays Records2014
For Tesla Without Fessla
Hartmut Geerken, John TchicaiHolidays Records2014