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Pigna People

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Pigna People

Pigna People has been played on NTS shows including Eclair Fifi, with Donkey Beat Gossip From Da Jungle first played on 9 November 2017.

Lovingly run by Marco Passarani (Rephlex, Skam, Peacefrog…), the Pinga imprint was broadly conceived as a dance-floor offshoot for the Rome-based Finalfrontier collective. As well as putting out the work of others, Passarani alongside Francesco de Bellis (Jolly Music) and Mario Pierro (also Jolly Music) formed the Pigna People; a hoola-hooping mixture of electro, block-party hip-hop, acid funk, italio disco and original techno. With a sound that resembles a less hook-friendly Playgroup, tracks like 'Donkey Beat: Gossip From the Jungle' and…

Donkey Beat Gossip From Da Jungle
Pigna People
Pigna Records2005
Donkey Beat Gossip From Da Jungle
Pigna PeoplePigna Records2005