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Boxhead Ensemble

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Boxhead Ensemble

Boxhead Ensemble has been played on NTS in shows including samb_rules, featured first on 9 November 2017. Songs played include Cats Cup.

Boxhead Ensemble, an impromptu project of the Chicago rock avantgarde, involved members of Tortoise, Gastr Del Sol, Eleventh Dream Day plus Will Oldham, Jim O'Rourke, Edith Frost and Ken Vandermark, all assembled by composer Michael Krassner in 1996 to score the soundtrack for the film Dutch Harbor. Krassner continued to record with the revolving group of musicians to put out the albums Two Brothers (2001), Quartets (2003) and Nocturnes (2006.)

Cats Cup
Boxhead Ensemble
Monofonus Press, Astral Spirits2015
Cats Cup
Boxhead EnsembleMonofonus Press, Astral Spirits2015