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The Hollywood Stars

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The Hollywood Stars

The Hollywood Stars has been played on NTS shows including Electric Warriors w/ J Bennett, with King Of The Nighttime World first played on 9 November 2017.

Do you remember rock'n'roll radio?, no, i'm not introducing the Ramones, but Kim Fowley. In 1974, the year 'Animal God of the Street' was released, Kim Fowley also gave us a Californian version of the New York Dolls with 'The Hollywood Stars'. He co-wrote with band leader the glammy smash hit "All The Kids On The Street". But the album also includes some nice tunes, and if you like Raspberries, Artful Dodger, glam powerpop so you have to…

King Of The Nighttime World
The Hollywood Stars
Blank Recording Co2017
King Of The Nighttime World
The Hollywood StarsBlank Recording Co2017