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Sticky Fingers

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Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers has been played on NTS in shows including Afrobuddha Presents: Spirits Frequency, featured first on 7 February 2015. Songs played include Party Song.

The 5 piece from Sydney's inner west is delivering a refreshing vibe to the Australian music scene, they began when drummer Beaks and bass player Paddy, met busker Dylan, one night outside the Coopers Arms hotel in Newtown.

Dylan, fresh from N.Z. and not yet 18, was on the streets with his guitar and crack pipe busking for coin outside the pub. “We met him,” Paddy says, “when the Coopers Arms bouncer started hassling us to give the dude money".

Since then…

Party Song
Sticky Fingers
Prelude Records1979
Party Song
Sticky FingersPrelude Records1979