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Joel Martin

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Joel Martin

Joel Martin has been played on NTS shows including Bitzer Maloney, with Bahadir (Quiet Village Remix) first played on 17 November 2015.

Joel Martin is a DJ, producer, crate-digger and obscure film soundtrack expert in search of forgotten, dust-covered treasures. He has put together various library music compilations, leading to his work with the production music company ”de Wolfe’, as well as curating various landmark compilations. These include 2004’s “Dawn of the Dead – The Unreleased Score”, featuring original library music cues used in the legendary Zombie flick. Joel also used some of these tracks when supervising background music for the legendary zombie-comedy film…

Bahadir (Quiet Village Remix)
Düve (Joel Martin, Matt Edwards mix)
Pyramids Of Mars2015
Bahadir (Quiet Village Remix)
Düve (Joel Martin, Matt Edwards mix)Pyramids Of Mars2015