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In Gowan Ring

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In Gowan Ring

In Gowan Ring has been played on NTS shows including Carla Dal Forno, with A Bee At The Dolmen's Dell first played on 29 November 2017.

In Gowan Ring is the musical endeavour of American composer and multi-instrumentalist B'eirth. Started in the early 1990s, In Gowan Ring plays acoustic songs with strong roots in folk, medieval, and psychedelic music.

B'eirth's soft voice is accompanied by (among other instruments) guitar, harp, piano, cello, bodhrán and many of his own instrument creations (citterns, guitars, hybrids, etc.).

In Gowan Ring has cooperated with many artists from the international folk and experimental scenes, such as: Stone Breath, Maja Elliott, Nick Castro,…

A Bee At The Dolmen's Dell
In Gowan Ring
A Bee At The Dolmen's Dell
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