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Hades Archer

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Hades Archer

Hades Archer has been played on NTS in shows including Radio Fenriz, featured first on 1 December 2017. Songs played include Great Moon Tide.

Hades Archer is a Black Metal band from Chile (Santiago) which was formed in 2005

Lineup: Nabucodonosor III - Guitar, Vocals and Bass (Force of Darkness, Impure Possession (session)) HateAxes Command (Pablo Clares) - Drums (Atomic Aggressor, Perdition (Chl), Magnanimus, Ereshkigal (Chl))

Past Member(s): Infernal Desolator - Drums (Ordogiel, Death Smell)

Discography: Daughter of Perversion (Rehearsal 666) - 2006 We Are a Black Image Into The Fire… - 2006 Penis Metal - 2008 Hades Archer / Behead Christ - 2009 Gloria Rex infernvs - 2010

Great Moon Tide
Hades Archer
Hells Headbangers2017
Great Moon Tide
Hades ArcherHells Headbangers2017