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Denki Groove

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Denki Groove

Denki Groove has been played on NTS in shows including Nights in the North w/ Midlife Jones, featured first on 6 December 2017. Songs played include TKO Tekno Queen.

Denki Groove (Japanese: 電気グルーヴ, denki gurūvu, lit. "electric groove") is a Japanese electronic music group influenced by western breakbeat, disco, hardcore, hip hop, hip house, rave and techno. Current members are Fumitoshi Ishino (Takkyu Ishino) and Masanori Taki (Pierre Taki). Former members are Yoshinori Sunahara and Jun Kitagawa.

Their works are particularly famous in Germany, where a handful of singles as well as solo releases from Ishino have been published, and Denki Groove are regularly booked for…

TKO Tekno Queen
Denki Groove
TKO Tekno Queen
Denki GrooveKi/oon2000