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Albert Ayler Trio

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Albert Ayler Trio

Albert Ayler Trio has been played on NTS shows including Sees to Exist Show, with Ghosts: First Variation first played on 17 December 2017.

Albert Ayler's Trio created a definitive free jazz sound. Assembled in New York together with double bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Sunny Murray, they've recorded their breakthrough album called Spiritual Unity, for ESP-Disk Records: 30 minutes of intense free improvisation. Embraced by New York jazz leaders like Eric Dolphy, who reportedly called him the best player he'd ever seen, Ayler found respect and an audience. He influenced the gestating new generation of jazz players, as well as veterans like John Coltrane….

Ghosts: First Variation
Albert Ayler Trio
ESP Disk2015
Ghosts: First Variation
Albert Ayler TrioESP Disk2015