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Alien Kulture

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Alien Kulture

Alien Kulture has been played on NTS in shows including Yesterday's News, featured first on 20 December 2017. Songs played include Culture Crossover.

Alien Kulture was formed in South London in 1980 by Azhar (drums, from Morden), Jonesy (Huw) aka ‘the token white man’ (guitar, from Raynes Park). Pervez (vocals, from Balham) and Zaf (bass, from Wimbledon). Formed against the backdrop of a winter of discontent, riots in Southall and Asians being killed on the streets of England the group wanted to give the Great Britain of the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s a positive image of Asians - an image where Asians were not…

Culture Crossover
Alien Kulture
Culture Crossover
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