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Angel'in Heavy Syrup

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Angel'in Heavy Syrup

Angel'in Heavy Syrup has been played on NTS shows including Athenian Marketplace , with Water Mind first played on 22 December 2017.

One of the more unique and melodic bands to arise from Japan's famous experimental rock scene, Angel'in Heavy Syrup (named after the canned fruit) specializes in a drawn-out, retro psychedelic style. The all-female quartet formed in Osaka in 1990, produced by Jojo Hiroshige, a heavyweight amongst Japan's noise rockers. Despite "guitar terrorism" being music critics' favorite phrase to describe him, Angel'in Heavy Syrup's sound shares very little in common with that of their producer's. The band draws heavily on progressive and psychedelic rock…

Water Mind
Angel'in Heavy Syrup
Alchemy Records1995
Water Mind
Angel'in Heavy SyrupAlchemy Records1995