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Koji Tamaki

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Koji Tamaki

Koji Tamaki has been played on NTS in shows including Foodman, featured first on 26 December 2017. Songs played include Mr. Lonely.

Koji Tamaki (玉置 浩二 Tamaki Kōji?, born September 13, 1958) is a Japanese singer-songwriter, and actor. He has been well-known as a frontman of the band Anzen Chitai that debuted in 1982 and enjoyed their successful career particularly during the 1980s. As a vocalist and a songwriter of the band, Tamaki spawned multiple successful compositions which were mostly co-written by lyricists including Goro Matsui and Yosui Inoue, by the time that the group suspended their career in 1993. In 1987, Tamaki released the first solo…

Mr. Lonely
Sony Records1998
Mr. Lonely
玉置浩二Sony Records1998