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John LaMonica

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John LaMonica

John LaMonica has been played on NTS shows including Let's Be Brief, with It's Everywhere (Ean Remix) first played on 8 June 2013.

Taken from his website: "John LaMonica is a singer/songwriter/producer from the United States.

Since 1998 he has released a variety of albums and EP’s and worked with a vast array of musicians and bands across a diverse musical spectrum.

With more than 10 official releases under numerous aliases and additional collaborations, remixes and songwriting credits, he has spent over a decade writing, recording and performing.

A seasoned touring veteran and multi-instrumentalist, he has toured locally and internationally since the late 90’s and been featured on soundtracks,…

It's Everywhere (Ean Remix)
Rumpistol, John LaMonica (Ean mix)
Rump Recordings2013
It's Everywhere (Ean Remix)
Rumpistol, John LaMonica (Ean mix)Rump Recordings2013