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$27 Snap On Face

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$27 Snap On Face

$27 Snap On Face has been played on NTS in shows including Got Kinda Lost Records Presents Planet Fever, featured first on 10 January 2018. Songs played include Sally Hitched A Ride.

70's band from northern california.

"Onstage, the band lived up to their self-created persona as mentally disturbed individuals by dousing themselves in ketchup, lighting stage props on fire and, at one show christened 'Jacques Cousteau's 25th Annual Toga Party,' performing in a homemade bathysphere on a stage littered with helium-balloon fish."

Sally Hitched A Ride
$27 Snap On Face
Heterodyne Record Co1977
Sally Hitched A Ride
$27 Snap On FaceHeterodyne Record Co1977