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La Bouche

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La Bouche

La Bouche has been played on NTS in shows including Soul in Paradise w/ Jamma Dee, featured first on 11 January 2018. Songs played include Nice 'N' Slow.

La Bouche is a Eurodance/Dance-pop duo based in Germany, originally fronted by Black American-German singer Melanie Thornton, who was killed in a plane crash near Bassersdorf, Switzerland, in November 2001. Their most successful hit "Be My Lover" was top 10 across Europe and peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1996. The group was the brainchild of German producer Frank Farian. In 2000, after Melanie Thornton left the group to pursue a solo career. Thornton…

Nice 'N' Slow
La Bouche
MCI, BMG1995
Nice 'N' Slow
La BoucheMCI, BMG1995