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Too Poetic

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Too Poetic

Too Poetic has been played on NTS shows including Ted Draws, with I Will Remember You first played on 16 January 2018.

Too Poetic was a hiphop group that was originally comprised by two(Too) DJ's - DJ Capitcal K aka Kaos and DJ Woody Wood and one MC(Poetic). Woody Wood left the group to help his wife raise their new born child. "that's minus one but there's still Too". Before Woody left they dropped the legendary classic single God Made Me Funky/Political Terror 12inch which had been brought to the late great, Paul 'C' McKasty for the final mix. They also released a music video…

I Will Remember You
Too Poetic
Dropping Begining Records1989
I Will Remember You
Too PoeticDropping Begining Records1989