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The Incredible Kidda Band

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The Incredible Kidda Band

The Incredible Kidda Band has been played on NTS shows including Yesterday's News, with I Want You first played on 17 January 2018.

The Incredible Kidda Band (aka The Kidda Band) were a British power pop band formed in Nuneaton in 1976, featuring Alan Hammonds (guitar/) vocals), Graham “Kidder” Hammonds (percussion/ backing vocals), John Rollason (guitar/ backing vocals), Les Rollason (bass), Graham “Dick” Millington (drums).

They released two singles ("Everybody Knows/No Nerve" (1978) - Psycho P2608 and "Fighting My Way Back/Asleep at the Wheel" (1979) - Carrere CAR119) before changing their name to the Kicks ("Get off the telephone/Big boys don’t cry" (1980) - Carrere CAR138…

I Want You
The Incredible Kidda Band
Black & Blue Records2014
I Want You
The Incredible Kidda BandBlack & Blue Records2014