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Play By Numbers

Play By Numbers has been played on NTS shows including Annabel Fraser, with Cloud Nine first played on 20 January 2018.

There are at least two bands that go by this name:

1) A New York dance/electronic band that released the 12" single "Cloud Nine" in 1983, which is now resurfacing internationally. Produced by Harley Fine; Richard Bloom - guitar and vocals; Doug Bond - Drums, vocals, and spoken parts; Ray Bennett Jr - Vocals; Harley Fine - keyboards, bass, programming, arrangement, and vocals; Mixed by John Holbrook.

2) An electronic/ambient artist from Austin, TX. Play By Numbers debuted a 5-track EP entitled Memories, Egos, and Chinese…

Cloud Nine
Play By Numbers
Ice Water Records1983
Cloud Nine
Play By NumbersIce Water Records1983