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Secret Agent

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Secret Agent

Secret Agent has been played on NTS in shows including Annabel Fraser, featured first on 20 January 2018. Songs played include Happy Morning.

Secret Agent was a Johnny's Entertainment Unit created in 2000 with :

東山紀之 (from 少年隊) 錦戸亮 ( from NEWS & 関ジャニ∞) 五関晃一 (from A.B.C.-Z) 萵谷亮太 (former M.A.D. ?) 上里亮太 (from FIVE) 浜中文一(from 舞闘冠) 落合恭祐 (who left Johnny's Entertainment a few years ago…)

錦戸亮 was the lead and only singer of the single, indeed 東山紀之 was only here in order to promote his drama (which was why this unit was created). Plus 錦戸亮 was only 15 years old and became the youngest Johnny's Jr….

Happy Morning
Secret Agent
Impress Records1988
Happy Morning
Secret AgentImpress Records1988