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Sin Razón Zoocial

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Sin Razón Zoocial

Sin Razón Zoocial has been played on NTS in shows including La Vida es un Mus , featured first on 19 January 2018. Songs played include Hombre, te llamaron hombre.

Punk rock band from Guadalajara, Mexico, members later went and formed Sedicion. This band is notable because it was one of the first punk bands from that city, and even though most mexican bands around that time played hardcore punk, Sin Razón Zoocial played a more gloomy post-punkish type of music.

Hombre, te llamaron hombre
Sin Razón Zoocial
Producciones En Negro, Conciencia Tragica2004
Hombre, te llamaron hombre
Sin Razón ZoocialProducciones En Negro, Conciencia Tragica2004