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The Pyramids

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The Pyramids

The Pyramids has been played on NTS in shows including Diddy Wah, featured first on 22 January 2018. Songs played include Pyramid Stomp.

The Pyramids were a surf rock band from Long Beach, California, United States. One of the last surf bands to emerge, The Pyramids were one of the best marketed. Formed circa 1961, the Pyramids formed in California and was comprised of Skip Mercier (Lead Guitar), Willy Glover (Rhythm Guitar), Steve Leonard (Bass Guitar), Tom Pitman (Saxophone), and Ron McMullen (drums). When their initial single "The Pyramid Stomp" fizzled nationally, the group's bassist Steve Leonard decided to analyzed the Chantays' "Pipeline" and came…

Pyramid Stomp
The Pyramids
What Records?1982
Pyramid Stomp
The PyramidsWhat Records?1982