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L'ocelle Mare

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L'ocelle Mare

L'ocelle Mare has been played on NTS in shows including Yem Gel, featured first on 21 January 2018. Songs played include Serpentement VI.

L'ocelle Mare consists solely of Thomas Bonvalet, of Cheval de Frise fame. His compositions as L'ocelle Mare are just as, if not more, complicated than they were during the Cheval de Frise years. The main difference is the obvious lack of song structure here. This is not free-composition, but tediously constructed, felt-out melodies and rhythms that are played flawlessly during live performances. Every single noise and click that you hear is completely intended. While playing his classical acoustic guitar, he will tap…

Serpentement VI
L'ocelle Mare
Souterrains-Refuges, Murailles Music2012
Serpentement VI
L'ocelle MareSouterrains-Refuges, Murailles Music2012