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Playya 1000

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Playya 1000

Playya 1000 has been played on NTS shows including Mint Condition w/ Hotthobo , with Sunday Afternoon first played on 23 January 2018.

Playya 1000 is responsible for putting Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the hip-hop map, dropping heat for the last 18 years.

As a member of the local underground group DC Boys, Playya began recording tracks at a faster pace than the rest of the group, resulting in over 30 solo songs and the launch of a solo career.

The first Playya 1000 release, ‘Reality’, was a hit record in the streets despite little radio support. The street buzz from ‘Reality’ paved the way for…

Sunday Afternoon
Playya 1000, The D'kster
Small Town Recordings0
Sunday Afternoon
Playya 1000, The D'ksterSmall Town Recordings0