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Ben Wa

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Ben Wa

Ben Wa has been played on NTS shows including Bokeh Versions, with Break That Stone (Granite Mix) first played on 25 January 2018.

Based in Oakland California, Ben Wa is the mechanical musings of Dr. Ware and Butthouse, two Bay Area musicians who think of the human body as a machine and the computer as an extension of the the soul. Their compositions range from Dub and psychotropic Hip Hop to Electro Breakbeat Funk, with the occasional nod to Acid Techno freakiness. "Dub is to modern dance music what blues is to rock. It's where the technique of jamming on the studio itself came…

Break That Stone (Granite Mix)
Ben Wa
BSI Records2000
Break That Stone (Granite Mix)
Ben WaBSI Records2000