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Donnie Brooks

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Donnie Brooks

Donnie Brooks has been played on NTS in shows including Dischord Records, featured first on 26 January 2018. Songs played include Sway And Move To The Beat.

Donnie Brooks (February 6, 1936 – February 23, 2007) born John Dee Abohosh in Dallas, Texas was an American pop music singer.

In his teens, Abohosh moved to Ventura, California where he was adopted by his stepfather and took the name John Faircloth. He discovered a singing voice at a young age and recorded a few minor successes with several small record labels under the stage name, Johnny Jordan, Dick Bush, and Johnny Faire, the latter gaining some note…

Sway And Move To The Beat
Donnie Brooks
Teenager Records2004
Sway And Move To The Beat
Donnie BrooksTeenager Records2004