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Tizzy Bac

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Tizzy Bac

Tizzy Bac has been played on NTS shows including Meuko! Meuko!, with Sideshow Bob first played on 5 February 2018.

Tizzy Bac is a band asssembled in 1999, Taipei, Taiwan by vocalist and keyboard player Hui-Ting Chen (陳惠婷), drummer Kai-Tong Zheng (鄭凱同) and bassist Zhe-Yu Xu (許哲毓). Their multicolor band integrates jazz, alternative rock and electronic elements, creating a unique atmosphere that indistinctly reminds of Bend Folds Five, New Order and Loop. However, bearing the belief 'every song has its own personality' in mind, Tizzy Bac never confines themselves with a monotonic definition.

In 2001, Tizzy Bac's performances at Formoz Festival 2001 and Hohaiyan Rock Festival…

Sideshow Bob
Tizzy Bac
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Sideshow Bob
Tizzy BacSign Soldier2012