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Darkroom Familia

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Darkroom Familia

Darkroom Familia are a gangsta rap group, composed of Chicano and African American rappers from the Bay Area in Northern California. Their CD Los Traficantes Matan Mi Gente was influenced by traditional Mexican corridos. They put out their first tape in 1988, and are still releasing tracks to this day. Lead rapper, Sir Dyno is serving a seven year sentence on Federal charges dating back a few years, and is now said to be retired.

The members of Darkroom Familia are Sir Dyno, Duke, Crooked, D-Roll, K.I.D., OSO, Young D, Dub, A.L.G., and Mr. Menti.

Darkroom Familia is most widely known for producing G.U.N.'s 1993 album…

Have You Ever Sold Dope
Sir Dyno, Darkroom Familia
Brown Power Records2005
Have You Ever Sold Dope
Sir Dyno, Darkroom FamiliaBrown Power Records2005