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Pierre Van Dormael

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Pierre Van Dormael

Pierre Van Dormael has been played on NTS in shows including Underground & Black w/ Ash Lauryn, featured first on 7 February 2018. Songs played include Precious Lord.

Pierre Van Dormael (born May 24, 1952 in Brussels – September 3 2008), was a Belgian guitarist.

He provided the scores for his brother Jaco Van Dormael's two acclaimed Belgian films of the 1990s, "Toto Le Heros" and "Le Huitieme Jour". The score for "Toto" was a traditional, string-led and sombre affair, while for the follow-up, Van Dormael created a more varied score drawing influences from world music. He is better known in Belgium as a jazz…

Precious Lord
James Baldwin, David Linx, Pierre Van Dormael
Les Disques Du Crépuscule1990
Precious Lord
James Baldwin, David Linx, Pierre Van DormaelLes Disques Du Crépuscule1990