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Gangpol Und Mit

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Gangpol Und Mit

Gangpol Und Mit has been played on NTS shows including 239EF, with Chauffage Central first played on 8 February 2018.

Gangpol Und Mit is Sylvain Quément (Gangpol/sound) and Guilaume Gastagné (Guillaumit/visual), a group paving the road of combined sound and visuals.
This French duet is building a universe at the same time cheap and complex, ludic and meaningful, shifting and always unpredictable. A contrasted electronic music, passing from the calmest melody to the wildest noise, from the most strict composition to the strongest cut-up, full of references: electro waltz, slaughtered swing, lyrical chiptune, broken folk, coconut cartoon, FM hits… Their music can be best…

Chauffage Central
Gangpol Und Mit
Besides Records2016
Chauffage Central
Gangpol Und MitBesides Records2016