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Uzi has been played on NTS in shows including The Numero Group, featured first on 8 February 2018. Songs played include Things Ain't Change (Radio).

1) A Los Angeles Pop artist 2) Japanese hip-hop artist 3) Hard rock band from Chicago (who later moved to L.A.) in the 90's 4) An '80s no wave/post-punk band from USA. 5) Lithuanian rap group in the 90's 6) German-Polish horrorcore rapper 7) Punk band from Bogotá, Colombia 8) A french hip hop artist

1) Uzi (* August 7th, 1985 in Toruń, Poland as Thomasz Michaelis) is a German-Polish rapper. He founded the record label Hirntot Records together with Blokkmonsta. He currently lives in Berlin-Tempelhof,…

Things Ain't Change (Radio)
Trife, Uzi
Chiciana Entertainment Group1995
Things Ain't Change (Radio)
Trife, UziChiciana Entertainment Group1995