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The Seahorses

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The Seahorses

The Seahorses has been played on NTS shows including Skate Muzik, with You Can Talk To Me first played on 16 February 2018.

The Seahorses were a British rock band, formed in York in 1996 by guitarist John Squire, following his departure from The Stone Roses, together with Chris Helme (vocals and guitar), Stuart Fletcher (bass), and Andy Watts (drums).

The band released one album, Do It Yourself, in 1997 and began work on a follow up (with Mark Heany replacing Watts as drummer), before splitting up due to musical differences during recording sessions in January 1999. The second album was never officially released, although…

You Can Talk To Me
Geffen Records1997
You Can Talk To Me
SeahorsesGeffen Records1997