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Stavely Makepeace

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Stavely Makepeace

Stavely Makepeace was first played on NTS on 17 February 2018. Songs played include Slippery Rock ’70s.

Centred on the irrefutable talents of Nigel Fletcher and Rob Woodward, Stavely Makepeace began their career in the late 60s releasing singles on 8 different labels. In the mid 1970’s they also released records as an alter ego novelty band, Lieutenant Pigeon, and scored massive hits. Enough to keep funding the more serious side to their work as Stavely Makepeace.

Fletcher and Woodward cultivated an extraordinary sound through recording with home made equipment in the front room of Woodward’s mums house. Spending up to 15 hours a day running…

Slippery Rock ’70s
Stavely Makepeace
RPM Records2004
Slippery Rock ’70s
Stavely MakepeaceRPM Records2004