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Your Funeral

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Your Funeral

Your Funeral has been played on NTS in shows including 80s Rampwalk , featured first on 18 February 2018. Songs played include I Wanna Be You.

Formed in Denver, Colorado around 1981, Your Funeral released at least one 45rpm 7" single. The initial lineup featured Jeri Cain Rossi (later of Black Cat Bone) on vocals, Karen Sheridan (later of Corpses as Bedmates) on bass, and Cleo Tilde on percussion. This lineup released the 7" single "I Want To Be You", with Rossi's vocals and classic early-80s gothic/deathrock sounding guitars and production. The b-side "Final Abyss" has a dark tribal foundation and Lydia Lunch-like…

I Wanna Be You
Your Funeral
Sacred Bones Records2014
I Wanna Be You
Your FuneralSacred Bones Records2014