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Choir Invisible

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Choir Invisible

Choir Invisible has been played on NTS in shows including Yayo, featured first on 23 February 2018. Songs played include Private Life.

Choir Invisible were a four piece post-punk band hailing from Los Angeles. The band formed in the wake of the Flyboys, a first wave LA punk band, who split after the death of bassist/keyboardist David Wilson.

Lisa Fancher, head of Frontier records (who released the lone Flyboys 12'' in 1980), essentially pieced Choir Invisible together after the Wilson's death. The band grew to local prominence, opening for the likes of Romeo Void, Depeche Mode, and Christian Death in the early 1980s, before releasing…

Private Life
Choir Invisible
Frontier Records1981
Private Life
Choir InvisibleFrontier Records1981