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The Ghost That Walks

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The Ghost That Walks

The Ghost That Walks has been played on NTS shows including Gage, with Escape The Curse first played on 23 February 2018. The Ghost That Walks fell in love with Hip Hop & Dance/Electronic music around 20 years ago. He wanted to take that to people, to spread the word and the feeling of the music that spoke to him.

He finally got enough kit together when he was around 24. He wanted to make music that gave him that feel of magic, and give that back to people.

1994: Got his first deal after purchasing his first major piece of kit, a deal with U-Trax in Holland. He…

Escape The Curse
The Ghost That Walks
Zyntax Motorcity2012
Escape The Curse
The Ghost That WalksZyntax Motorcity2012