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Lucas Trouble

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Lucas Trouble

Lucas Trouble has been played on NTS shows including Low Company, with Miss Syphilis first played on 27 February 2018.

Lucas Trouble is a French musician and producer, who owns both the Nova Express Records and The Kaiser Studio. He was involved in many musical projects, along with Tango Luger, The Vietnam Veterans or Temple Gates and he continues his work together with The Mediums, The Gitanes and also by his personal releases. He has produced over 200 albums of bands like Cowboys from Outerspace, Holy Curse, Simon Chainsaw, Tony Truant, Dirteez etc. The Nova Express style combines garage tunes, punk, noise, experimental, psychedelic and extreme music,…

Miss Syphilis
Lucas Trouble
Bain Total1980
Miss Syphilis
Lucas TroubleBain Total1980