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Mircea Florian

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Mircea Florian

Mircea Florian has been played on NTS in shows including samb_rules, featured first on 1 March 2018. Songs played include Pădure Liniștitoare.

Mircea Florian is one of the most particular Romanian musicians. His artistic ideas overpass the music field, inscribing themselves in phenomena like the "performance", happenings or other avantguard movements. Starting as a folk musician, having even a few "well-behaved" songs, Florian starts little by little to draw further from the standard forms of expression. At the beginning this distance appears at lyric level, then the approach changes, in the end recording a clear break from what could be called conventional. With a passion…

Pădure Liniștitoare
Mircea Florian
Pădure Liniștitoare
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