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The Black Exorcist

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The Black Exorcist

The Black Exorcist has been played on NTS shows including Robbin' Lobsters From Mobsters w/ Tom Boogizm , with Brute Force first played on 4 March 2018.

Welcome to the first installment of Creme DUB, a deviation from the beaten path for sure! A digital only endeavor, dedicated to devious dub from the other side of the fence.

For the first installment meet the Black Exorcist and his Low Ridin', Fancy Prancin' Smack you in the mouth till yo' teets is on the floa' butterfly dance. A mysterious and elusive sound system veteran and longtime dub scientist operating from an inconspicuous laboratory in a West Coast…

Brute Force
The Black Exorcist
Crème Organization2010
Brute Force
The Black ExorcistCrème Organization2010