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Napalm Beach

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Napalm Beach

Napalm Beach has been played on NTS shows including Dischord Records, with Why Do Parties Have To End? first played on 13 March 2018.

One of the longest-running bands from Portland, Oregon.

The band was formed in 1980 by Chris Newman. Sam Henry joined Newman in 1981. The group went through thirteen bass players before Dave Dillinger came on board in 1989. Guitarist Chris Newman developed a signature sound using big muff fuzz, fender tremelo, and wah pedal over heavy bass riffs, while Sam Henry often plays his drums like a lead instrument.

The group's earliest recordings were done on the Trap label, owned by Greg…

Why Do Parties Have To End?
Napalm Beach
Burka For Everybody2011
Why Do Parties Have To End?
Napalm BeachBurka For Everybody2011