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Jani Christou

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Jani Christou

Jani Christou has been played on NTS in shows including Boomkat, featured first on 18 March 2018. Songs played include Epicycle (I).

Jani Christou, or Γιάννης Χρήστου, (January 9, 1926 – January 9, 1970), was a Greek composer born in Heliopolis, Egypt, of Greek parents. He was educated at the English School in Alexandria and he took his first piano lessons from various teachers and from the important Greek pianist Gina Bachauer. In 1948 he was awarded an MA in philosophy after having studied with Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell in Cambridge.

During that time he also studied music with Hans Redlich and in 1949 travelled…

Epicycle (I)
Jani Christou
Epicycle (I)
Jani ChristouSirius2001