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In Zaire

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In Zaire

In Zaire has been played on NTS in shows including ARRHYTHMIA, featured first on 27 March 2018. Songs played include Visions Of The Age To Come.

In Zaire is a psychedelic-tribal quartet involving members of the duo G.I. Joe, Claudio Rocchetti and Stefano Pilia (3/4HadBeenEliminated, OLYVETTY, Zu93). Live, In Zaire take audiences on a trip, even though their music is not limited to the psychedelic. The quartet explore the paths of an involving dub-funk mix of rhythm and black-influenced tribal percussion, with electro-indian melodies and bass, arab-psychedelic voice and introspective, minimal ascendence.

Visions Of The Age To Come
In Zaire
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Visions Of The Age To Come
In Zairesound of cobra2017