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Quarteto 1111

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Quarteto 1111

Quarteto 1111 has been played on NTS shows including Image Search, with As Trovas Do Tempo Que Passa first played on 28 March 2018.

Quarteto 1111 was founded in 1967 in Estoril and is one of the most influential progressive rock bands in Portugal. Originally formed by Miguel Artur da Silveira (Drums), José Cid (Vocals and Keyboard), António Moniz Pereira (Guitar) and Jorge Moniz Pereira (Bass).

It was one of the many musical groups inspired by The Shadows, the Mystery Group (Conjunto Mistério), later called Quarteto 1111. The name was taken from the area code of the telephone number where the rehearsals occurred.

As Trovas Do Tempo Que Passa
Quarteto 1111
As Trovas Do Tempo Que Passa
Quarteto 1111EMI1993