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Marion Meadows

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Marion Meadows

Marion Meadows has been played on NTS shows including Soul in Paradise w/ Jamma Dee, with Paradise (45) first played on 1 April 2018.

Marion Meadows

Born in West Virginia, saxophonist Marion Meadows – whose ethnic mix is Native American, African American and Caucasian – he grew up in Stamford, Connecticut, where he began playing clarinet and studying classical music at eight years old. His passion for different types of music led him to appreciate numerous jazz musicians, including Stanley Turrentine, Sidney Bichet, Johnny Hodges, Duke Ellington and Coleman Hawkins, and he naturally gravitated to the soprano sax in his high school years. Fortunately for the…

Paradise (45)
Marion Meadows (Greg Charley, John Winston mix)
Paradise (45)
Marion Meadows (Greg Charley, John Winston mix)Novus1991